Travel: Alsace Attractions – The Castle of Haut Bourg King

Alsace in France is not only known for its excellent wines, it also offers a variety of excursions.

It is not just for history, but buffs also will like the visit of King Bourg to get an unforgettable experience. The castle has a more than 800-year history and was first mentioned in 1147 for the first time. She is one of the most outstanding sights Alsace.

It was built on a promontory and offers visitors a fascinating view over the Rhine valley. In the Thirty Years’ War, Haut Bourg King has been destroyed, and it wasrebuilt in 1900, after eight years of painstaking work.Today you can countless Castle Museum in objects of everyday life of that era, as well as an extensive collection of weapons and furniture from the 15th – 17 Admire century.

A guided tour with special themes

The story of Haut Bourg King was marked by two periods of the Middle Ages and the period after the reconstruction of the early 20th Century. Here the visitor is offered a special feature: Depending on the area of interest, you can join a guided tour with special themes.

An incomparable flair experienced the castle in the Advent season. Decorated for Christmas, the visitor a mysterious winter mood. The ideal place to get away from it for a few hours and at the same time to discover sights in Alsace.
Skin King Bourg is located 26 km north of Colmar and 55 km south of Strasbourg. ‘s Good To achieve this extraordinary sight on the A35 motorway, exit 17 on Kintzheim or exit 18 from the direction of Strasbourg and Saint Hippolyte direction of Colmar. Then you drive on the N 59 and follow the signs.

The castle is open all year except for the 01 January 01 May and 25 December. The box office opens in the months of January to March and October to December at 09:30, in the months from April to September at 09:15.

The Castle of Haut Bourg Kingis a special jewel among the Alsace attractions.

Travel experiences: France Attractions – Under Linden Museum and The Alsace attractions

Under Linden Museum

It is one of the most famous art museums and popular attractions Alsace, because the sub Linden Museum houses outstanding works of art from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance. The premises are a former Dominican monastery in Alsace Colmar from the first half of the 13th Century.

From the Middle Ages to the Renaissance

The monastery was closed at the time of the French Revolution. Since 1853, it is used as museum used and is one of the most famous sights Alsace. The most important art exhibit is the Isenheim Altarpiece, which early 16th Century was built by Matthias Grünewald. He comes from a former chapel and is the unique exhibit of the museum. Moreover, find Linden Museum located in the many works of famous artists such as Martin Schongauer, Holbein the Elder, Caspar Isenmann and many others.

There are also many contemporary and modern exhibits, which are issued. However, the museum will be expanded in 2012 to have a larger space for art exhibits. The Linden Museum has awarded the “Musée de France” and is therefore one of the most popular Alsace attractions.

Situated on Rue d’Unterlinden in France and is open to 18.00 every day from May to October 9 From November to April it is open daily, except Tuesdays also open from 9.00 to 12.00 and 14.00 to 17.00. On the first day of January, May, November, and 25 December, the museum is closed. Admission is 6 euros for a single person and € 8 for groups of 15 people.

The Alsace attractions

France has lots of interesting landmarks and regions with local charm. This includes the Alsace, where still a strong German strike is to find and not only in that some places still speak German. If you search the Alsace attractions, one finds, for example, many places with beautiful half-timbered buildings.

A whole quarter of this style can be found in Strasbourg before – called the Petite- It is situated on the banks of the River Ill and offered earlier many members of this guild a job. They needed the river water for tanning the hides. In addition to the tanners, there were also millers and anglers that needed the water for their work.

A somewhat ugly epithet with “La Petite France” got the tanners’ quarter of a nearby island, where 16 is the Century was a hospital, were treated in the syphilis sufferers. In the vernacular, this also “French disease” has been called the hospital and got the nickname “Französel”.

This name – in French “La Petite France” also went to the nearby tanning district in Strasbourg on. Alsace The district is one of the sights that are most frequented, because despite numerous alterations it has not lost its idyllic charm.

Travel experiences: France Attractions – Musee du Louvre in Paris and Mer de Glace

Musee du Louvre in Paris

The Mona Lisa is the most famous painting, which is in the Musée du Louvre in Paris. Millions of people have already looked at the portrait of a woman, which has been tried countless times to steal and is known all over the world. The smile enchants every visitor.

The Musée du Louvre, Paris has always been one of the main attractions in the city and attracts millions of visitors from around the world.

Constantly changing exhibitions from different eras and countries also make a repeat visit a memorable one. The Musée du Louvre, Paris offers a play area for old as well as contemporary art. At the same time held here regularly tours and theme exhibitions to Egypt, Greece or relics from the Middle Ages.

If you take a trip to Paris, which should definitely take a day or two and visit the Musée du Louvre in Paris. It is guaranteed for the whole family something and the memories will stimulate long-to-long stories. The museum can be found at the following address:

Musée du Louvre, Paris
Mon Palais Royal / Musée du Louvre
75001 Paris, France

The opening times are from 09:00 am to 18:00 in the evening.

Other France Attractions: Mer de Glace

With an area of 40 km ² which is Mer de Glace, not only France, but also the largest glacier in the Mont Blanc mountain range. In addition, the Arctic Ocean is considered the fourth largest glacier in the Alps.

Since the discovery in 1741, the Mer de Glace is known as the most popular natural beauty of the romantic village Chamonix, but also is one of the most famous sights France. The imposing Arctic of Mont Blanc with its maximum thickness of about 420 m has a length of 12 km, together with the corresponding individual glaciers and has a width of 700 m, which may well also varies, ranging up to 1950 m.

Every year, the flow rate of the Mer de Glace is on average 90 m. The Mer de Glace, which is visited every year by thousands of tourists and thus also to France attractions, is easily accessible the funicular Mont Envers, as and the train station in Chamonix / about 20 minutes/ to complete up to the foot of the Mer de Glace at 1913 m. Here, then, offers the visitor a breath taking view of the Mer de Glace. It is one of the most famous sights France.